Return Policy

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We at Bazaar Lebanon are seeking the highest degree of satisfaction from customers for the products sold at Bazaar Lebanon
Therefore, we provided a free return service for a period of no more than 7 days and subject to the following conditions
1 – If the return due to a mismatch in the required specifications and specifications of the product coming to you, it leads to the following measures
A – return the product at the expense of the seller (the customer does not charge any additional fees for the return of products)
B- The product mismatch shall be proved with the customer through communication with the customer service at the site on any of the communication methods. The employee shall complete the order according to the customer’s satisfaction.
C_ The product shall be in the same condition and the packaging in which the product was received

2- If the product has a defect of manufacturing or transportation
Subject to the following conditions
A – If the product is inspected well before and read the instruction manual before working any device in case and quality
B – The defect should not have occurred due to misuse
C_ to be informed customer service defect with a picture of him immediately after your presence of the defect
D- The product shall be in the same condition and the packaging in which the product was received
E) In the event of proof that the defect was caused by the carrier, the company responsible for transport at the Bazaar of Lebanon shall bear the cost of reimbursement and compensation for the losses incurred according to the report prepared by the body responsible for estimating the losses

3- If the customer does not want the product
And consequential loss of goods to sellers on the Bazaar of Lebanon and include loss of the value of the product in the case of non-resellable products after the opening, so it was our policy at the Bazaar of Lebanon to take care of the interest of the client and the seller at the same time
This situation is subject to the following conditions:
The product must be in the same condition and the packaging in which the product was received
B. The product shall not be associated with the end date
C_ not be a product that lose value after opening it (such as telephones, electronic devices, books, games, etc.)
D – Not to be a product with seals and a visible closure that represents the removal of the loss of the value of the product and consider the product used by