Free shipping policy from Bazaar Lebanon

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We at Bazaar Lebanon strive to provide the best services that help our customers to shop online and be closer to them than ever before

We have provided Bazaar Lebanon to provide free shipping service to our customers to exceed the demands of $ 150 from any of the products available in Bazaar Lebanon under the following conditions:

1- If the single product carries a value exceeding 150 $, the orders will be automatically delivered to you free of charge wherever you are inside Lebanon for all products weighing less than 5 kg

2- If there is more than one product with a total value of $ 150 and above, all the products are from the same seller. You can also know the name of the seller and browse all the products he sells on Bazaar Lebanon through the seller details within each product.

3- Bazaar Lebanon offers free shipping service on selected products at discounts or in specific locations according to the monthly marketing plan of Bazaar Lebanon

4- If the product is returned, the customer covered under the previous conditions shall be charged the cost of returning the shipment from the total amount returned